International Mathematics Olympiad on 21st July 2019
International Mathematics Olympiad 2019 live music Firefly band

Firefly band performing live music at International Mathematics Olympiad 2019

We were thrilled to be invited to perform at another corporate function on Sunday 21st July 2019 at Bath University, where we entertained over 1,000 mathematical geniuses at the International Mathematics Olympiad.

We were welcomed by the event organiser, Chantal, into the most incredible marquee! The huge marquee was decorated in bright colours, which was the theme of the Olympiad. The mathematical geniuses were rewarded after a heavy weekend of exams and competitions with a whole array of sumptuous food choices ranging from curries to sushi to sweets in every colour of the rainbow! A fairground greeted the international guests who had flown in from all over the world to compete in this very prestigious event. Some celebrated their mathematical achievements on the big wheel, and others continued their competitive ventures at the dodgems! Then, over 1,000 geniuses stormed into the marquee during the band’s first song (Lost in Music by Sister Sledge) and partied hard! They danced, cheered and sang for hours on end, with endless energy and enthusiasm! The band had several encores – they literally wouldn’t let us go and we loved every minute of entertaining these wild party animals!

As you can see, the 8-piece band filled the large stage, all dressed in bright colours to match the Olympiad’s theme. Wendy Abrahams, vocalist with Firefly, dressed in a gorgeous bright pink dress. Firefly entertained guests with a whole array of songs inc by artists like Rihanna, Calvin Harris, Abba, Chic, Fleetwood Mac, Sia and Avicii. Bath University didn’t know what had hit it!

The sun shone, everyone was happy and celebrated their mathematical achievements and we were all sad when the night ended. If only we could do that every night!

Corporate functions like this are an absolute delight to play at. We loved entertaining all the amazing guests at the International Mathematics Olympiad 2019 at Bath University. Contact us to find out more about booking Firefly to perform at your conference or corporate event.

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